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“A Sinister Plot”

This was the Bergsma frame. I ripped out the baby blue inset mat as my art went outside its restrictive borders.

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Like Being Knifed

So here are couple prime examples of why I hit up thrift stores for frames. These poor frames never did anything to anyone; they’re in great condition to boot! But the darkness of the art world seeps in nonetheless. The one on the left is from a place long gone called the Green Frog Gallery in Anacortes which actually wasn’t a bad place as they had books for sale and I bought a ton of Star Trek books there as did the mysterious big bibcycle lady who always pedaled around slowly. The other, well, here’s a picture of the back…

Sweet mother of god. I literally feel like I was walking down the street and a highwayman walked up, demanded my wallet and knifed me. This is true foo foo, but in a bad way, without love. In fact, this makes me wretch. It really is the fact that there is enough demand for stuff like this that nourishes my gag reflex with spasms of sheer hellish brilliance. On the bright side, these two frames shall be liberated of their weighty bondage and have something new in them soon. Good or bad, my crap’s not so commercialized.

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Pepper Pattern A

So here’s the frame I started with – it was a new type for me with weird screws and crap. But it was kinda neat how it works. I honestly like the butter knife and well dug-in staples approach. Nail I hate though! Glazier’s pionts – don’t freakin get me started!

Scraper board? Interesting – so it wasn’t some photocopied thing in the frame but something somebody did up. I used my scraping tool and found the stuff very hard to scrape; not at all like the crayon I’m used to. I also noticed that the curner was cracked, and then upon further exploration found bending the corners made them crack easily.

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Serenity Subdued

Image printed on back of photo paper. Bleeds to bring watercolor effect and can be smudged. Crayon is applied.

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A Visit To The Eggist

Glossy paper 4×6. Photoprint with scraped crayon.

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Will rest after drilling frame 90 degrees clockwise (portrait)

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Frames To The Slaughter

Super cheapness today at the thrift stores. Funny thing – the frame standing up was purchased at Soroptomist for $3.50, had a $2.99 Value Village sticker on the back and was transmitted to me in a big Goodwill bag. I smell a conspiracy a brewin’!

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Tree Arch

Looking down O avenue on sidewalk on Sixth street in Anacortes, west side of street.

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