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So she got me a one gallon bottle of Tabasco! I am truly the luckiest man alive! Thursday will be our first anniversary together in person!

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Okay – Let Me Explain…

I’m sure most people would find us to be kind of odd, weird and perhaps deranged for doing this, but what happened here was what had to happen. Ridiculous or not, it was a thrifty decision.

It started when we decided to go to Dairy Queen but they were closed. So we went to Top Foods on 99.

So we go in and they had discontinued ice cream. There was Snoqualmie French Lavender and Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk pints at $2.00 each. So we took 17 of them in all, put them in a basket and brought them up front knowing full well that the checkout person was going to have some form of disagreeable attitude – only one of the pints had a $2.00 price sticker.

Of course, we were right. First off, he said that it said on the door of the cooler that the discontinued price was only for the first three pints. I told him no, there was no sign that said that. He insisted and went to get the sign. He came back with a sign mentioning the first three pints of Ben & Jerry’s were at 2 / $7. I insisted that the sign he was looking for was further down. At that point, he gave up. He didn’t want to go down there and find the price sign. The real thing that happened I think is that he saw that the sign we were talking about didn’t actually say first three only on it. Here’s the receipt:

As you can see, we saved more than 50% on this purchase. The main reason for this extremely high level of gluttony was that I saw the French Lavender. That’s some hard to find stuff; I’ve been looking for it for a few years actually and boom – a crapload. Kitten was enamored by the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, and we were both surprised to see that it was being discontinued. But then we saw that both were still available so not really sure why the pints we got were “discontinued.”

So here’s the freezer. Full of ice cream. Yeah – pretty insane but $2 a piece is a really good sale. I guess I should recommend anyone who wants ice cream should hit up Top Fodds’ frozen section – although I’m sure they put a new sign up.

NOTE: After looking at the numbers on the receipt again, I thought I should do the math  again since they were showing the Ben & Jerry’s at $4.69 each… So:

$4.69 x 8 = 37.52

$4.49 x 9 = 40.41

Altogether:  77.93

We paid:      33.92

We saved 56.5% !!!

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Marine Beach Park

So after a day of studying and exam taking, we went to Marine Beach Park in Edmonds. Nice long beach was a lot of fun.

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In the first photo, I think the guy in the yellow shirt is well aware of how to coordinate his clothing to accentuate his mustache correctly. Seconds later, he freaked out, throwing cans of chick peas here and there and ate his own weight in uncooked rice.

The second photo denotes the checkout woman. Ne’ery a happy word, she seemed to be utterly disgusted with our presence. It was as if mere rubber gloves just weren’t enough to free her from the foul taint of the products we had clutched only moments before.

Finally, this is our hallway. It smells different every day! Sometimes like something tasty cooking, sometimes like cigarettes and laundry soap, sometimes like chinese take out. It never is the same – not always fresh but always something new just outside our front door to mystify our noses!

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Random Pics of Today

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Ben, Jerry & Dick

So we took Andy to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop today! Pretty good stuff for sure – messy too! After that, we decided to go to Dick’s drive in in Ballard. It started raining cats and dogs and after a little bit, the sugar crash set in. We had a lot of fun!

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Cellphone Pictures

Here are some pictures from recent past that I haven’t been able to get on here for a little while – here they are now…

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Kitten’s Birthday

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