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Some Pics of Me & Andy


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Poot Roast

So the finished product. I had to use a turkey baster to cull off about 8 turkey baster loads of fat off of it and then cook it a little bit more and then it was done. A majestic cut of beef! Reminds me however how useful barbecue sauce is as it came out violently dry like a stack of Us 8.5 x 11 Letter stock.

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Pot Roast

Ok so dinner. Big chunk of meat in white butcher paper that says pot roast.

Stabbed repeatedly with a fork to tenderize, teriyaki sauced, minced garlic, flipped over.

Stabbed repeatedly with a fork, teriyaki sauced, minced garlic, porterhouse and roast seasoning, baconnized, garlic onion seasoning, black pepper, a splash of tabasco (for the vinegar)

Cooking at 300 degrees. We’ll see.

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So they tore up the carpets in the hallway and put down new carpets. Our standard odd smell has been replaced by a chemical smell which is reminiscent of hotel cleaning products to the extreme. Kind of reminds me of a house building site. The dogs usually stay in the bathroom with pee pads when we don’t take them with us. That’s been kind of annoying because when we come home, we are greeted to the barking, the odor of poo smell 99% of the time, then they run around all happy like they got a knock on the door from Ed McMahon. So we decided to put the crate up

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So Kitten wrote eggs on her hand so she wouldn’t forget to buy eggs.

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Indonesian Breakfast Time

So this is pretty much what I’ve been having for breakfast every day for a while now and I still must say its my favorite. It changes between scrambled, hard boiled and fried eggs.

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Papa’s Day With My Boy

So we’ve spent the day so far watching a new kid’s movie, killing umpteen million Marios, Luigis, ducks and Pac men, eating mac’n’cheese and building LEGO odditioes. A great father’s day! Tonight, Kitten’s going to make me chimichangas and cake’n’ice cream! She even forbade me from doing any chores around the apartment today!

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7-11 Strikes Back

So we were thinking about a possible email back to 7-11 as they hadn’t really addressed the original issue: the codes. Then they pull this crap without letting us do anything:

And yes, here are the cups…

So I suppose I’ll have to enter these codes now. I guess when all is said and done, 7-11’s customer service was pretty darn good; they put the complaint through a process that involved double checking. I still am a little miffed though; it cost them more to ship me cups than send me more coupons. I guess they figured if the didn’t nip this in the bud I’d continue on…

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Otis + Daisy

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