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It may look nasty but it is oh so yummy!

This was one of my favorite dishes of the afternoon Pork Bao

This shrimp dim sum is always good!

ahh yes and the pork bun a sweet sticky bun filled with delightful pork! Delicious!

Not exactly sure what this was called …..it was some sort of shrimp ball with green bell pepper and a tasty brown sauce

I was personally not a fan of this stuff….it is like a dessert pastry but it is filled with pork.  Way to much sweet flaky bread to be with bbq pork.  At least Pup enjoyed it :0)

My all time favorite honey walnut shrimp! Oh Gosh! It is so tasty!

This was meat in sauce, never had it before but it was a good gamble because it was extremely tasty and we both enjoyed the delightful flavor!

I felt really bad when Pup bit into this delightful looking shrimp skewer to find that they had not shelled the shrimp or removed the legs……ewwwww….I have to admit that I didn’t try it.

Pork dumpling…..very interesting crunchy outside with bit of bbq pork on the inside…it was very tasty but had a weird texture.

We love dim sum but we love each other more!

Pup enjoying his pork dumpling….mmmmmmmmmm!

mmmmm pork dumpling!!!!!


The big fish at Uwajimaya

Had a great day of good food and exploring with pup in Bellvue!!


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So Kitten made english muffin pizzas for dinner and Andy liked em a lot! Then he went and cleared without being asked. He got to try pop rocks as he has been so good! Today we did some art.

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Andy Eats It All!

Kitten made homemade chicken nuggets with mashed taters and corn for dinner last night. I have been trying to get Andy to try lots of new things lately and he’s been doing great!

So we went to the dog park today.

Andy was in charge of Otis, which is quite a task. He did quite well too!

We all got our feet wet…

I liked how the new little store within 99 Ranch Market had my name in it. I’m a whore for seeing my own name in print… But then again ya don’t see Hans that often…

Andy got a ride around 99 Ranch Market – they had lots of things to try today!

He did not try a bite of the crayfish…

Andy had some furikake, and then some bean thread. After that, he tried green tea with plum and some some shrimp won ton.

Kit liked the bean strand noodles too!

We didn’t ask for free samples…

However, we did go to Safeway and got club soda, Kool Aid, sugar and a bag of ice. Kit made the best homemade Slurpees EVER! They were 1000% better than my attept! We had watermelon cherry and then grape.

I had a bowl of spicy beef noodles from Singapore – I’ve been walking to 99 Ranch every day and getting a single pack of noodles. I come home, cook it and review it on the newly remodeled http://www.ramenrater.com – go have a look!

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This place originally looked really good except the flavors weren’t to our liking, so we have decided we really like Pochi Tea Station better.

We got a couple bubble tea smoothis – Kit got pineapple & I got canteloupe. They also had snacks and we got garlic fries and cheese sticks!

Sponch the hermit crab was active…

After the beach, we went for a walk to 99 Ranch Market together to pick out a couple packs of instant noodles and review. This guy was walking towards us with his gigantic and overfilled shopping cart. It seemed like the lady behind him was following him.

There’s a lot of thistle phoophing around – maybe messin with our noses…

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The Week In Pictures

So this week the thermometer decided to hit some pretty high temps for his area. Upper 80’s and a very low 90’s day! The pugs needs were seen to.

You can lead a pug to reason but you can’t make him think. I dunno; he doesn’t seem to want to eat his dinner for me and it’s rather irritating. Diasy really enjoys eating dinner. In fact she wants to eat his dinner too, and she gets the prescription dog food so if she eats his stuff that kinda makes it a lost cause I think. Ah – to know the mysteries that go on inside the mind of Otis.

We live where they decide it is a logical and fun idea to paint the apartment building you live in during some of the hottest days of the summer. So they put a plastic bag over all of the windows.

The plastic bag was taken off of the bedroom window after a short time, but then they put what looked like a barbecue cover over this unsuspecting plant. The wicked ivy below scoffed yet wondered what lie in store for them.

He was up there for a long time. I think he was looking in the window of the people above us. No fooling.

So you know those ads that come in the mail that say ‘bring this flimsy key to your local car dealer and try this key! It may be the one that opens the really nice car?” Well, THE KEY YOU GOT ISN’T THAT KEY.  I’m going to let you in on a secret. all the keys are the same! Well, except for these!!! AND I WILL NEVER EVER EVER TRY THEM! It’s like throwing away a free car! Actually, there was a stack of the ads in the recycling bin next to the mailboxes; apparently nobody was up for a trip to the local dealership. But I thought a collection of fake keys was a smart idea so I’ve started one. I think my collection should grow by around 10-15 keys every 1-3 months.

Yep. We’re giving you a haircut.

So I tried making Slurpees on Saturday and they came out so-so. Used knock-off crystal light and only put in half the water to the mix and then added it to ice and blended it in a blender. Wasn’t smooth like a Slurpee – was crunchy. Still pretty tasty stuff though.

From left to right: Robotic Dog Otis [RobOtis], Christine [sad because DaisyBot had flown away] and Papa with odd hair

My contribution to the pet art session.

Andy & Otis & Andy’s awesome new haircut thanks to Christine and her super haircutting powers!

On Sunday, Andy & I finished watching all of season 1 of Star Blazers!!!

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Don’t microwaves it yo.

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