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1. Scan hands.

2. Change the color of the hands.

3. Add ornamentation to the hands.

I ornamented Andy’s and Andy ornamented mine.

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Big Scary Dead Spider

Actually, its a picture of a box of puppies!

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This stuff is the bomb diggity. That is all I can think of to say about that.

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Today is the third of July, a day usually kind of trampled on by the fourth of July. People usually are planning on what to do on the fourth on the third, but nobody says ‘hey! man, that was one hell of a third of a third of July last year eh? planning for the fourth right? RIGHT??’ Well, I decided the correct thing to do would be to go to the big Asian supermarket, 99 Ranch Market which is about half a mile from my apartment here on highway 99 in Edmonds, Washington and take some picture and impart to you some of the beauty that is my neighborhood. Let us begin.

So to the left of this sign was a sign which pointed to the pedestrian to cross the street. to do so would mean crossing six lanes of rather quick moving highway 99 traffic to a tiny fireworks stand. I thought it was also interesting that not only being invited to be hit by cars, it was cool how the fireworks signs were nestled in some rather dryish patches of weeds.

Call me kooky, but I thought it was a funny name. Then again, I had a lady at the checkout stand at 99 Ranch Market hand me a receipt and when I got home a read that her first name was Fang.

So I think I’ve come up with a new, extremely cheap, space-saving and fun hobby. Why not collect photographs of signs with insane amount of businesses being advertised on them? They seem to be prevalent around here. I’m sure someone’s already beaten me to the punch on this; it seems like something that could be a lot of fun. This of a t-shirt of big signs; a poster – wallpaper?! Who knows…

I was really surprised at this one how they had all these specialized shops – even a backery! Like, for the back, right? I can get myself some chorizo and a back rub all in one stop? Brilliant! Oh, and don’t forget those pork rinds!

This one was very fascinating to me and the closest to my house. Now remember that I walked and this was maybe two minutes away, so you can kind of see that my neighborhood is extremely ethnic (freaking thank god). You’ve got a mexican store or two, a ‘european deli’ which I’m going to guess is some kind of Ukranian kind of place with funky meats and salsa type things, and some asian places as well as a Domino’s. It’s definitely a microcosm of culture in this little minimall of sorts. Very interesting.

Finally, I found that I should really take a picture of this dandelion on the side of the road. In this economy, its hard to be a dandelion on the side of Highway 99. Not only do people rarely walk by, but I’m sure it’s pretty rare you get noticed or your picture gets taken. So here’s to you, soot covered tailpipe stink coated dandelion – you’re worth a picture on my blog.

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