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The Great Grape Expedition

So walked to 99 Ranch Market in search of some juicy green seedless grapes. Didn’t find them but found some other things.

Thought this looked really cool and since Kit likes yellow bugs, I thought at 50% yellow a few pics were necessary…

The weather report says that there will be thunderstorms. Didn’t see that but the sky looked really cool.


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More Korean BBQ

It was a lot of fun to go and try to all you can eat! The lady asked if we’d done the BBQ before and we said no and so she did it up for us. It was awesome! All sorts of meats like short ribs (Kit’s favorite), chicken, beef, pork, etc. Lotsa good stuff!!!

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Vacuum Cleaning

Pretty nasty and then you see the close up. It was a lot of hair and dust and some sticky stuff – like someone cut off an afro and poured maple syrup and doghair in it.

But I cleaned it! Took over an hour but got it all cleaned.

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Day off #2

They had cable TV at the T-Station and they were playing America’s Funniest Videos (obviously I didn’t think they were that funny)

Having tea with Pup makes me happy!

Very weird and very janky looking Korean BBQ place.  We went inside and it looked like the health board would have a field day but the food was AWESOME!!!!!!

You have hot plates in the middle of your table and you can grill the food items they bring you.

I got BBQ Beef and Pup got BBQ Pork.  It came with rice and a whole bunch of really scary looking side dishes.  They were tasty!

Me and Pup sitting in front of the Space Needle

Driving home going across the Hwy 99 bridge

Fountain in front of the Space Needle

Fun Forest at Seattle Center

Fact: the cost to ride the space needle is $18 (INSANITY!)

EMP (experience Music Project)

Had a yummy burger with Pup at the Center House

Really Cool fountain at Seattle Center

My cute Pup!

Riding the Monorail

At Nordstrom

Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute!

The view from I-5 on our way to Seattle Center

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more fun!

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