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Radom Fun

Bunny Lips

Daisy Ann Marie

Otis O

Pup + Kit


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Waiting to open presents

Mario Shirt!!!! Cool!

Looks like the dogs might want to help opening presents

He says coooool! It has all the Mario bosses on it

Lego Creationary Game.  All he could keep saying was wow this is so awesome over and over again.  I think he likes it :0)

Checking out his new Mario shirt

Making the red fondant for the Lego cakes

one Lego brick is done

Organizing the Lego’s so we can play Creationary


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The Hat We Found

So there was this hat at the beach we found. I picked it up and it got run through the washer and dryer. Turns out it came from the Joint Rescue Co-Ordination Centre in Victoria, British Columbia Canada which looks to be a branch of the Canadian Coast Guard. Anyways, I emailed them to see if there was anyone missing a hat. I guess we’ll see!


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Fun in California

Mom and Dee

Crazy Sisters

The family! Dad, Mom, Me, Dee, and Mike

More Family!!! Dad, Aunt Currin, Me , Dee, and Mike



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Andy’s Sixth Birthday!

Andy wasn’t sure where we were gonig, but he knew it was going to be somewhere awesome.

These guys were hanging out in front of a gas station on the way…

The car is full of fuel – shall we continue?

An awesome tunnel…

…and then we emerge…

On a floating bridge!

We drove until we reached…

Bellevue Square MAll…


There are LEGOs everywhere!!!

Oh wow this is totally awesome!

Wow check that out!

So you get a cup and you fill it with any LEGOs you want and buy it – pretty awesome. The LEGOs are on that wall.

Important decisions…

So many different kinds!!!

There’s Auntie Sue and Grandma too!

It’s a lot of fun to watch him methodically pick which ones he needs…

Andy & Auntie check out the computer stuff.

On our way home.

LEGO cake red!

LEGO cake blue!

Happy Birthday Andy! We all love you!

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So last weekend, Kit made a LEGO cake as a test run for Andy’s birthday. It involved making fondant, an interesting concoction of marshmallow, powdered sugar, water and butter. Check it out!

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Our Vacation

So we went on a whirlwind vacation yesterday and here’s a few pictures of where we went.








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