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Trip to Nongshim!

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Some News Stuff

A recipe for noodles for those with the sick and a walk down my childhood’s tv and outings – LINK

My commute compressed to 1 minute, 35 seconds

The crazy super magnifier I got from the state


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Hello, Korea!

Starting yesterday evening, I noticed a huge amount of people from Korea coming to the site. Apparently, they were all coming in droves because of a news story about my Top Ten list including Nong Shim’s Shin Ramyun Black noodles! Well, here’s some links and some pictures of the articles. I’m really hoping someone can translate them soon as Google Translate has done a really crummy job where it usually does so well.

Nong Shim’s website carried the news!

Hankyung’s Original Story

NT.co.kr’s Story

Chosun’s Story

FN news

Yahoo Korean News

Paran story



Here’s some of the articles:

Here’s a video I did for Momofuku Ando Day!

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Snow & Noodles: Snoodles?

This morning, we awoke to even more snow! What the heck? Very unexpected!


Then I got a call from the Seattle Weekly about Momofuku Ando Day! Here‘s what they wrote in their blog.

I decided instead of a photoessay style blogpost for Momofuku Ando Day, a videopost was in order. So here it is!

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So last weekend, Kit made a LEGO cake as a test run for Andy’s birthday. It involved making fondant, an interesting concoction of marshmallow, powdered sugar, water and butter. Check it out!

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Andy and I made breakfast for Pup on Saturday morning

Andy and Aunt Sue using her Iphone

Daisy soaking up the sun

Pup and Mr. Todd looking a little sleepy on the couch

Poor Otis didn’t feel well.  He hurt his leg.

Andy looking proud of the cake that we made for Papa

5 meat pizza ….Yummy!

Strange snack that we found at the Star Market.  (I don’t recommend it)

Oh my, what a handsome man!



Pup got a new BBQ for his Birthday.  He made us some AWESOME apple wood smoked chicken for dinner!

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